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Each football player has his own individual motivation that fuels the passion he feels for the game and drives his ambition.  At Full Contact we want to share that passion and ensure his ambitions are achieved.  We believe that as a professional you deserve – and should demand – the very best representation that is available.

We are able to meet your needs by being a truly integrated offering.  As part of our team you will have access to lawyers, financial, commercial and reputation managers, mentors, football consultants and of course FA Registered Intermediaries to offer the all inclusive service.  Whatever your needs we can meet them by providing you with advice from experienced professionals with deep and genuine experience in football and the wider sports business.

The team’s know-how is underwritten by an organisation whose integrity is assured, as Full Contact is owned, run and supported through a large law firm built up since its foundation in 1876 – twelve years before the Football League!

Full Contact’s football agency division includes Dan Chapman,  a FA Registered Intermediary and prior to April 2015 a Registered Lawyer under the FA Agents’ Regulations, and Patrick Conliffe, who is also both a FA Registered Intermediary and a solicitor (dual-qualified in Ireland and the UK). Full Contact, itself, is a FA Registered Intermediary company (IMSC00009).

The Full Contact team’s range of skills and experience mean we are in a position to advise you on your best footballing, commercial and legal options – often these are inextricably linked – while always acting in your best interests.  Our skills are complementary which means that whatever your problem you can turn to the person best capable of solving it quickly and efficiently.

Our network of agents, Registered Intermediaries, lawyers, commercial managers and mentors means that Full Contact are always on hand to provide you with independent advice, guidance and support. And we positively encourage the input of parents of younger players and the partners of the more experienced – but only ever with your say-so.   This enables us to provide a complete and comprehensive service to deal with the myriad of problems which you may confront in your professional career.

The Full Contact team will ensure that every aspect of your professional and personal needs are cared for, with the team’s focus always firmly on what is best for you and your career.   A further (and unique) aspect of the Full Contact service is that as our clients are approaching the latter stages of their career, we will be pro-actively working with you to assist in whatever you might wish to do next  –  whether that be qualifying as a coach, pursuing a career as a manager, entering the media or pursuing other business interests in sport (or interests entirely unrelated to sport).  We build and maintain long term relationships with our clients, which unlike the traditional agencies, do not end as your playing career nears to its end.

Our team work and travel throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Contact our team to find out how we can help you.






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