Justin O’Malley

Email: info@fullcontactlaw.co.uk 

Justin O’Malley joined Full Contact as a Football Consultant in January 2019 and became a FA Registered Intermediary in July 2019.

Justin is based out of Full Contact’s Irish office in Dublin, working alongside our Head of Ireland, Patrick Conliffe.  In addition to being a FA Registered Intermediary in England, he is also a Registered Intermediary with the FAI  (the Irish Football Association).

Justin has worked in sports fitness for some two decades, helping athletes of all ages maximise their potential.  Working with many footballers throughout his career, assisting with their nutritional and conditioning needs in particular, Justin has a Diploma in Business Studies in Recreation and Leisure and a degree in Business Studies.  Justin also completed a Football Agents’ diploma in 2018.

Justin assists our Team by identifying young Irish talent and has a strong network of contracts throughout Irish clubs.  With his sports science background, he is well placed to assist those clients who join Full Contact, preparing them for the move to the professional game.




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