FC client Cohen Bramall transfers to Arsenal

FC client Cohen Bramall transfers to Arsenal

By Full Contact News and Views


Full Contact client Cohen Bramall has today completed a sensational transfer to Premier League giants Arsenal.

20 year-old Cohen (pictured above with Arsene Wenger and Full Contact’s Lee Payne and Dan Chapman) has completed a transfer (for an undisclosed fee) from Hednesford Town, an Evo-Stik Northern Premier League club, to the Premier League – a jump of six divisions of football. Putting pen to paper on a two and a half year deal at the Emirates, the move surely represents one of the more remarkable transfers from non-league football to the professional game.

Cohen, who joined Hednesford Town in the summer of 2016 shortly before being talent spotted by Full Contact, had previously only played at various amateur clubs alongside his focus on athletics where he was a sprinter of some repute.

Full Contact’s Head of Football Lee Payne commented “We are extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve for Cohen and what he has been able to achieve for himself.  This transfer will hopefully send some shockwaves around professional clubs throughout England; players of serious potential and ability are out there, but they need to be identified, backed and nurtured. Too many clubs and scouts find it easier to point out what a player can not do, or to sign a player they know and have worked with before – rather than be brave and give an opportunity to a real raw talent. Cohen has exceptional attributes for one with no professional or academy footballing background and so it is going to be exciting to see how good he can be now he has the superb coaching and facilities which are available to him at Arsenal.  When we sign players in non-league we are inspired by how good they can be in time, given how well they are doing already in senior, first-team football –  maybe a transfer like this will make more clubs believe in the recruitment of non-league talent.  It is frustrating when we see League clubs signing players who have failed time and time again in the pro game when we know there are better players out there, potentially, who have yet to be given just one opportunity. Cohen has worked hard to earn the right to call himself an Arsenal player and this is a very proud time for him, us and his family.  A lot of credit has to go to Brian McDermott of Arsenal who scouted Cohen and who was brave enough to recommend to the club that they gave Cohen an opportunity.”

Earlier in the season perhaps one of the best examples of the extreme raw talent that Cohen possessed was shown in this assist – a moment that soon became an internet sensation and was covered by the likes of Sky’s Soccer AM.


Dan Chapman, Full Contact’s senior partner, explained how the use of social media plays an ever increasing part in the role of an football agency; “As soon as Cohen pulled off that assist, we knew it as one of those special moments that we needed to capitalize on. When you have a talented prospect in non-league the key is to find ways to persuade clubs to send their scouts to watch your player, and it is not always easy – a lot of times you are met with a slightly bemused response when you are telling a professional club, and particularly ones at the higher end of the game, to go to the Evo-Stik NPL to watch a 20 year old left back who has never been at a pro club before. It might be easier with a goalscorer, but with other positions it can be hard so I recall scrambling to get hold of some footage of Cohen’s assist and doing as much PR with it as we could. That Sky picked it up really helped and suddenly in the following weeks more and more clubs were contacting us about Cohen and more scouts were being dispatched to watch him. Whilst I am sure we would have ended up securing a professional move for him in any event – he is that talented – there is no doubt that the media exposure he gave us to work with through this one moment played a part. This is a great moment for Full Contact – we have had such success with moving players from non-league to the professional game over the last five years or so, and have in fact moved a number of players from this same Evo-Stik NPL division, but to secure a transfer for Cohen to the Premier League giants that are Arsenal is just a magical achievement for all concerned.  Working with Dick Law at Arsenal, and the Hednesford side, to make this move happen was a pleasure and as well as the opportunity it now provides Cohen, it is fabulous for a non-league club such as Hednesford to now have some much needed revenue which they can use to improve their club further. I would also like to place on record our thanks to Paul Molesworth – he is a trusted and talented scout that we work with from time to time and he was the one that first saw Cohen play and encouraged Lee and I to follow it up!”

All at Full Contact wish Cohen the very best as he now begins his exciting journey as a professional footballer under Arsene Wenger’s tutelage.






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