FC Football Academy Launches

FC Football Academy Launches

By Full Contact News and Views

For those young players who are striving for an opportunity to demonstrate that they have the ability to succeed as a professional footballer, look no further than the Full Contact Football Academy that we have today announced.    Currently operating out of the Midlands,  and the product of the considerable energy, passion and hard work of our football consultant Lloyd McCormack,  the Full Contact Academy is born out of the set up which was previously known as Sporting Futures.

Through a process of assessment, open trials, training and competitive matches players between the ages of 6 and 16 will gain the opportunity – if talented enough – to earn trials at professional football clubs (with a view to securing a coveted contract at a professional club’s Academy,  the first step on the route to becoming a professional footballer).  Over the last four years Lloyd has produced 18 players through this system who have gone on to achieve such a contract,  and now in its new Full Contact phase we are hoping that this fabulous record only improves.

The objectives of the Full Contact Football Academy are to:

  • Identify players who we believe have the raw ability and potential to play at Academy level and above for professional football clubs.
  • Offer those players that may have “fallen through the net” or who are struggling to get back in to the game the opportunity to go on trial at a professional football club.
  • Develop these identified players whilst giving them a better understanding of football, and what is required of them as a player to progress to an Academy.
  • Forge links with professional football clubs to filter players through for trials.
  • To nurture relationships with professional football clubs so that players gain valuable experience; and
  • In those exceptional cases, for players above the age of 16, to offer full Full Contact professional agency representation.

At the current time resources dictate that the Academy is operated predominantly out of the Midlands/Birmingham area, although Full Contact will be seeking sponsorship and support from parties who may have an affinity with the objectives which would then permit us to open up Academy centres in other regions.

Senior Partner of Full Contact Dan Chapman commented  “The Full Contact Academy,  which Lloyd operates and drives with quite incredible passion and giving up huge amounts of personal time,   is a superb operation that we are now very proud to be associated with.   Working with Lloyd’s expertise and guidance,  and introducing the other team members and contacts that we have,   I am very excited at the long term potential we have.   Whilst professional clubs may not like to admit it,  and to their credit some do,   the recruitment processes that those clubs run are by no means perfect and there is a huge array of talent out there which goes unnoticed.

For any companies, clubs or individuals that may wish to become involving in the Academy as a sponsor or ambassador please contact Dan Chapman or Lloyd McCormack.   For players enquiring about the Full Contact Academy please click here for more information.     

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