Abusive Tweets to Olympian Diver Results in Arrest

Abusive Tweets to Olympian Diver Results in Arrest

By Mark Alexander
Abusive Tweets

Abusive Tweets are illegal

Sports personalities do not need to put up with abusive tweets or defamatory remarks on other social media forums such as facebook or blogs.

Dorset Police made an arrest today following an abusive Tweet being sent to Olympian Diver Tom Daley which suggested he had let his late father down. Daley’s father died of Cancer last year and was said to be Daley’s source of inspiration.

Andy Hunt, CEO of the British Olympic Association, told the BBC he has spoken to Tom Daley about the incident and said “he’s not affected, the team are focused on performance”

Regardless of whether Daley says he was affected by the abusive tweet is somewhat irrelevant though isn’t it? How can he ever be sure that he’s not been affected? The media frenzy surrounding this event will surely stay in his mind for a very long time.

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