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At Full Contact, the sports professionals that we represent are our pride and joy but also, of course, key assets to our business. And as with most assets, you should protect, nurture and do all that is possible to maximise potential.

A core belief for us is that sports professionals have no shortage of advice and support at certain critical stages of their career, but that there are huge voids in their career when there may not be a plentiful supply of advice and support available.

The player who is recuperating from a long term injury often complains that the phone does not ring, the agent does not call and – certainly – he has no real need to speak to a lawyer.

At Full Contact, we provide a full mentoring service to our clients, operated by ex-sports professionals who have been there, done it and seen it all. These ex-professionals are not agents, not lawyers, and have no agenda. They are available to assist our clients with practical and emotional support and advice, throughout the ups and downs of their career, at all times – as much or as little as needed.

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