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The aim of the Full Contact Football Academy is to give those players who may have “fallen through the net” or have perhaps recently arrived in the UK the opportunity to go on trial at a Professional Football Club.

Full Contact has been working in partnership with several professional football clubs since 2009.  Since then he has referred many high quality players to their academies for trials; 18 of which have been offered Academy Contracts to date.

alefeOct2013Many youngsters are spotted early playing for their teams, but a lot more are simply overlooked or develop at a later stage. The Full Contact Football Academy exists to discover these players, to nurture and mentor them, and to help deliver them to appropriate clubs.   Where a player is old enough, and considered to be talented enough to make the highest grade as a professional footballer,  Full Contact may also offer professional representation via their Football Agency services.

The Full Contact Academy hosts open trial days throughout the UK.  Players identified as above average are then invited to attend our Academy on a more regular basis, and those who excel and show exceptional ability and talent are offered trials at a professional football club.

The Full Contact Football Academy offers the same professionalism and coaching/training methods which will be expected of players joining a professional football club.

The objectives of the Full Contact Football Academy are to:

  • Identify players who we believe have the raw ability and potential to play at Academy level and above for professional football clubs.
  • Offer those players that may have “fallen through the net” or who are struggling to get back in to the game the opportunity to go on trial at a professional football club.
  • Develop these identified players whilst giving them a better understanding of football, and what is required of them as a player to progress to an Academy.
  • Forge links with professional football clubs to filter players through for trials.
  • To nurture relationships with professional football clubs so that players gain valuable experience; and
  • In those exceptional cases, for players above the age of 16, to offer full Full Contact professional agency representation.

EbanksPlayerProfileThroughout the year we organise friendly games for our teams against Premiership and Football League teams. This means that our players are seen by the people who make decisions at many clubs, rather than by just one man at one club. As a result, it gives our players greater opportunities to progress and a choice of clubs to sign for if they are talented enough.

We offer no promises and make it very clear that it remains exceptionally difficult to succeed as a professional footballer ;  almost all will fail.  But if one is talented enough, we will strive to ensure that you are given your opportunity.

The Full Contact Academy Development process:

Step 1 – Open Trials  – Our open trials take place during school holidays and are run by our UEFA qualified coaches, and are open to boys and girls aged 6 – 16yrs. Players are selected into relevant age groups and will work on various skills as well as play small sided games and 11 a side games.

Selections – Those players we identify as being at the required level will then be invited either by written letter or email to attend our Full Contact Academy . This is the first development process for players to aim for.

Step 2 – Academy: Successful players will become part of our weekly training programme and attend sessions for a 6 week period held for 90 minutes per session – 1 session per week.

Selections – If a player shows the right ability they will then be selected to feature for our Full Contact Academy Team (at the appropriate age level).

Step 3 – Trial Games: Once selected , successful players will be asked to represent the Full Contact Academy and play in regular league games as well as being offered the opportunity to play in a number of friendly matches against professional soccer clubs.

For more information visit our Full Contact Academy website or register your interest by emailing info@fullcontactlaw.co.uk


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