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    Can Guardiola as a football agent own a club?

    The news that Pere Guardiola (brother of Manchester City manager Pep) has acquired a significant stake in Spanish club Girona has caused controversy because of the strong links to Manchester City and the objections (legal or otherwise) that many have to … Continue reading

    FA amend their regulation of Intermediaries

    Credit where credit is due.  It may well be overdue but finally  – after continual angst and issues since the introduction of the FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries in April 2015 – the FA have amended their Regulations, with … Continue reading

    Pogba-gate ….. time for concern?

    Following the publication yesterday of leaked documents from Paul Pogba’s transfer from Juventus to Manchester United, FIFA have confirmed that they have asked (via their TMS system) for additional documentation.  This news has been reported as a ‘FIFA investigation’ in … Continue reading

    Common ownership of clubs – what is the solution?

      The recent case of Mohed Altrad, owner of the French rugby team Montpellier,  being denied the opportunity to purchase a large stake in Gloucester Rugby has a shone a light on the issue of multiple sports teams being owned … Continue reading

    EPPP: the case for tapping up?

    In the latest of a series of articles concerning the EPPP and Youth Development Rules, we consider the rules relating to the ‘tapping up’ of young players. With the recent publicity about Liverpool’s conduct in approaching a 12 year old … Continue reading

    SOFIA is born….

    Press Statement released by SOFIA on 1st April 2017 SOFIA is born…… The ‘Society of Football Intermediaries and Agents’ (SOFIA) is now up and running! After over a year of planning – Liz Ellen (putative Chair of SOFIA and a … Continue reading

    Laudrup: is the Great Dane the tip of the iceberg?

      The latest story to emerge in the ongoing journalist led investigation in to corruption in football concerns former Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup. Arguably, this is one of the most striking revelations to date – far more so than … Continue reading

    The FA : We will not be complacent…..

    The Football Intermediary ; is there room for complacency? In light of the recent abuse scandal it is only right that the FA have moved swiftly to commence an independent review.  Whilst, of course, the horrific testimony we have been … Continue reading

    After the fall of Big Sam, his trusted no.2 the next to fall?

    Recent revelations prompted by the Daily Telegraph’s investigation in to corruption in football has already led to the FA’s new chairman Greg Clarke being hauled before a Parliamentary Committee. Facing the suggestion that the FA has failed to properly regulate … Continue reading

    Compensation for players under 24; a mystery?

    Updated in November 2016 As clubs begin their recruitment drive for next season,  I am increasingly asked (whether in respect of players that we act for, clubs that we advise and work with or – mostly – out of idle … Continue reading

    The demise of Big Sam – good news for the game?

    Clearly the news that Sam Allardyce has ceased to be England manager after just one game ought not to be a matter for rejoice; it is quite embarrassing for the FA and our national game. Last night’s breaking news – … Continue reading

    What does Brexit really mean for Football?

    What does Brexit really mean for Football?  Will the UK’s departure from the EU create a recruitment or immigration crisis for our domestic game?    Perhaps wishing to erase from our memories the failings of our national team at Euro … Continue reading

    Legal redress for YD7 & YD10 compensation disputes?

    Following our earlier articles on the often controversial issue of compensation and YD7 and YD10 forms when a young player wishes to change footballs clubs/Academies, this article considers whether or not a player/parent has the legal right to challenge a … Continue reading

    Immigration Advice for Motorsports

    Whilst immigration and work permit/visa advice is commonly sought by football clubs and footballers (and their representatives), Full Contact are seeing an increasing need for advice tailored to motorsport. In advising various motorsport teams we have recently highlighted the problems faced … Continue reading

    Is Going Dutch the way forward?

    Following on from our recent article about the prominence of non-league football and Full Contact’s concerted recruitment efforts at that level,  we consider another marketplace of real value to us. Full Contact’s Head of Football Lee Payne was one of the … Continue reading

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