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    Host of ESPN's Off the Ball, BBC Fighting talk panellist, practising sports law barrister, Chairman of Full Contact Law, author of “The Man Who Hated Football.

    Reaction to the reaction to John Terry by Will Buckley

      Will Buckley, shares his “Reaction to the reaction to John Terry” in this weeks Full Contact Chairmans Report One of the hangovers from having been a journo is that when colleagues and friends appear on discussion programmes it can … Continue reading

    Beating the bookies – the Chairman’s infallible system

    The man with a plan. Casino owners and bookmakers pay for their holidays by people walking into their premises with a system that this time, surely, will break the bank. And yet the search goes on… and the happy news … Continue reading

    Tales from the Pavilion

      The perception of the M.C.C and the Pavilion at Lord’s is as established as bacon and egg is the centrepiece of the English breakfast: Stuffy, sniffy, pompous, ridiculous, outdated, misogynist…It is a home from home for Colonel Blimps. It … Continue reading

    Anarchy at the Etihad by Will Buckley

      Our Chairman Will Buckley has taken to blogging and Tweeting this week. With articles like this tale of “Anarchy at the Etihad” it will not be long before his online reputation matches that of his BBC and ESPN broadcasting. … Continue reading

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