Full Contact Race Driver Management

Full Contact Race Driver Management

By Full Contact News and Views

As a parent you will want what’s best for your son / daughter and will rely on your management team to guide, advise and make suitable recommendations that will ultimately achieve your / their aim either within the chosen motorsport route.

How do you decide on which management team to work with? For sure there are many considerations, experience, knowledge, contacts, enthusiasm, belief in the driver, maybe location and usually and rightly so, the price. Management fees can be very high.

The traditional race driver management model is one which contains a regular management fee for ongoing support. A consideration with this model is how measurable is the cost against the deliverables? This model generally doesn’t contain specific agreed deliverables, on and off the track, that will ultimately decide the outcome of success for a driver.  More often parents / drivers will pay a regular fee and expect their management team to manage their career, but are not fully clear on what that means and what is delivered in return.

Our approach is very different.

We believe in working with parents/drivers and winning together as a team. We are incentivised and rewarded by the success of our clients. Our approach at the outset of a management role is to agree a plan for the driver and each time the driver achieves a target we are suitably rewarded. We therefore work together as a team to provide the right support at the right time to ensure the goals are attained so there are clear achievements for the cost of management.

As well as our extensive experience and network, we have a huge amount of passion for motorsport and seeing our clients succeed. We want to work with drivers and parents who share the same passion and desire to win. We will not take a management fee without justifying and demonstrating its value.

Full Contact covers all aspects of race driver management including day to day support, sourcing seat options, negotiation, race team management, legal work, SIM sessions, driver coaching, behind the scenes race meetings as guest of teams, fitness and nutrition, mental approach, sport psychology, commercial sponsorship management, etc.

If you are looking for a race driver management team to support you or your son / daughter then we’d be very happy to have chat.  Please contact Barry at barry@fullcontactlaw.co.uk or Dan at dan@fullcontactlaw.co.uk.

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