Yuri Ruh Dos Santos – amazing football skills

Yuri Ruh Dos Santos – amazing football skills

By Full Contact News and Views


Chances are you will never have heard of an aspiring young football player called Yuri Ruh Dos Santos, he’s only 14 years of age and lives in Spain.

To be remarkable you need to be remarked upon and this young man certainly impressed us here at Full Contact.

We often receive video clips from footballers and young aspiring talent, enquiring as to whether we might be able to help them achieve their dreams. We always ensure we watch these video clips as soon as we can, and where outstanding potential is revealed we are keen to explore whether we can help. Clearly, in most cases we are not able to do so : our business is in placing footballers into a professional career, sadly there are a lot more aspiring to that goal than can realistically achieve it.

Today we received an email and a Youtube clip which simply stood out in its ingenuity, originality and which reveals remarkable talent.  Please take a look at 14 year old Spaniard Yuri Ruh Dos Santos and then read further as to why we were so impressed ……

Now, what is even more original about this video, other than the impressive talent (particularly the opening trick), is that Yuri had managed to ascertain where our Lee Payne  (head of our Football Agency division) has a property in Spain (following Lee’s chance meeting with his mother whilst recently back in Spain) and visited the said property in order to record this clip!   The cameraman/woman is positioned from the perspective of the property’s front door.    Someone who goes the extra mile to do something as different as this,  allied with a clear talent,  certainly stood out to us and it warranted sharing with you all.

Now, young Yuri Ruh Dos Santos tells us he would like to explore a footballing future here in UK,  so watch this space……

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