London Olympics on the happy pills

London Olympics on the happy pills

By Mark Alexander


Having spent a day at the London Olympics yesterday to watch the evening Taekwondo session and celebrate a friends birthday the first thing that stood out to me was how happy everybody was.

Have you been to the London Olympics?

Did you feel as though London had had a personality transplant?

It started as soon as we arrived at the park and ride at Lakeside Shopping Centre. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful. After parking our car we were ushered to our bus like VIP’s, two young officials were at the doors giving out sweets. They laughed and joked with us and pretended to scan our tickets with their walkie talkie and I disproved their theory that nobody would choose the ready salted crisps. The bus driver talked to us all the way to Excel and my friend commented, “have these people been trained by Disney? Are they giving them happy pills or putting something in the water?”

London OlympicsIt was no different when we got to Excel, staff greeting us every 10 yards or so and genuinely wishing us all the best and saying “enjoy your day at the Olympics”, again something I’ve only ever witnessed before at Disney World Florida. We headed straight to the bar (as you do) and were soon surrounded by Irish boxing fans celebrating their Gold medallist, Katie Taylor. A few beers later and we were soon honorary Irishmen. Hello to Paul, Mark and Pat (pictured left), I will be taking you guys up on the tour of Dublin and Paul, thanks for the offer of the stay at the Raddison hotel.

The party atmosphere continued all day, complete strangers talking to each other and smiling. Had we entered the twilight zone?

Jade Jones London OlympicsThe highlight of the night for us though had to be the Team GB Gold win from Jade Jones in the ladies 57KG Taekwondo. Jade earned Team GB their 25th medal of the London olympics – congratulations Jade, you fully deserve your new found celebrity status and you’re a fantastic ambassador for Britrish Taekwondo. The atmosphere at Excel was absolutely electric during that fight and the roar of the crowd when Jade took that Gold was probably loud enough to let the bus driver at Lakeside know that it was time to come and pick us up as he was waiting for us as soon as we left. A different chap but just as happy as the first, he cracked jokes and talked all the way back too. More happy people greeted us at the car park and even waived us off as we left like we were relatives off on holiday.

It was a bit strange but I would be delighted if this happy go lucky attitude was to become the norm for London.

What have your experiences on the London Olympics been?

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