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EPPP: Ipswich Town Football Club

By Dan Chapman


Following on from our recent articles about the forthcoming EPPP regime, we are pleased to report that we have recently completed a project with Ipswich Town Football Club

Trainee solicitor Kelly Skeggs was seconded to the FL Championship Club for three months to take a hands on role in the project management and co-ordination of Ipswich’s preparations for the EPPP and Youth Development Rules, and worked with and under supervision of Full Contact’s Dan Chapman. 

Simon Clegg CBE, Chief Executive of Ipswich Town,  stated that “hard working, diligent, quick thinking Kelly undertook the challenge of leading the Club through this difficult process in a methodical and professional manner and produced a final piece of work which I am confident will ensure that we will not only meet the necessary thresholds to achieve our aspirational status but will do so above most other Clubs with similar aspirations”  and also that “you grasped the difficult brief and worked tirelessly to deliver the project against some very demanding timeframes.”        

Dan Chapman commented that “we were delighted to be able to assist Ipswich Town,  who have shown a considerable degree of pro-activity in their approach to compliance with the EPPP and Youth Development RulesAs Simon himself stated to me, the whole basis of youth development across England requires Clubs to completely change decades of entrenched thinking and processes,  and I believe those Clubs who are getting ahead of the game will find themselves best placed in the years to come.  We have found that the skillset of a lawyer, when coupled with our knowledge of sport and football in particular, lends itself well to being able to assist a Club with their EPPP preparations.”   

Full Contact are able to offer Clubs a variety of services to assist them either in a review of their requirements or in preparation for the EPPP, including a full pre-audit.

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