Fastest growing website in the UK?

Fastest growing website in the UK?

By Mark Alexander


I’ve been monitoring the growth of the Full Contact website over the last 6 weeks or so with interest. There are several ways to monitor the popularity and growth of a website but arguably the measurement that’s in vogue right now is Amazon’s Alexa algorithm which provides all websites with a rank based not only on the number of visitors (which can be manipulated through robotics) but also the number of pages read by the average visitor and the average time spent on site. Additionally, unlike Google Analytics which I’m also a big fan of, Alexa affords an opportunity for people to measure not only their own website performance but everybody else’s as well. It’s far from perfect but it’s the best yardstick I know of and it’s widely used by advertising agencies these days to compare the claims of website owners.

I read last year that over 270million URL’s (websites) are registered. Alexa seems to review the top 30 million worldwide and the top 300,000 or so in the UK. When I first looked at the Full Contact Law website its worldwide Alexa rank was 15 million and it wasn’t ranked in the UK. Still that’s not bad as I first took at look at Full Contact Law within just a week or so of its creation. Since then its moved on at a pace. I spotted the potential early on and offered some support from my tekkie team at to make it Social Media friendly and to include some whizzy back end technology. If you visit my website you may spot some similarities in the technology. I’m certainly not claiming the credit for how well it’s done though, that is down to Will Buckley, Dan Chapman and their team of professionals (leading sports lawyers and celebrity sports coaches) and of course their Guest Authors.

So is Full Contact Law the fastest growing website in the UK?

The truth of the matter is that I can’t be absolutely sure. I’m not aware of any analytics or statistics that can measure this. However, in less than a couple of months the Alexa algorithm has shown mind boggling results. The Alexa popularity rating for Full Contact Law has jumped from 15 million worldwide when I first checked it to a one average of just under 230,000 over the last month. Full Contact Law now has a UK Alexa rank of 8,079 as I write this article and that seems to improve on a daily basis. To put that into perspective, insurance giant has a UK Alexa rank today of 14,242 !!!

Very early on my team helped Full Contact to develop a toolbar to enable it’s users to measure all websites and to follow their progress. Dan Chapman wrote an article about it here where you can download the Full Contact Toolbar from Amazon pro-bono as solicitors would say (to us mere mortals that means FREE).

Less than two months since launching their website Full Contact Law is being quoted in the Daily Mail and Dan Chapman has been interviewed by ITV Scotland this evening about his professional opinion of Glasgow Rangers insolvency proceedings.  I know, more importantly, they are doing a lot of good work for their clients but of course the rules of client confidentiality make it hard for them to talk about that.

I’d just like to say well done to the Full Contact Law team and to thank you all for allowing me to do my little bit to contribute to this success. May it long continue!


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