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EPPP: Category of Academy – right of appeal?

By Dan Chapman


Following on from a body of earlier commentary on the EPPP and Youth Development Rules (which officially come in to force on 1st July 2012) we have been asked recently by a number of football clubs and concerned parties as to whether,  in view of the forthcoming audits and categorisation of a football club’s Academy,  there would be any right of recourse if a club felt that the Category status they had been awarded was unjust?   We would stress there is no reason at all to suggest at this stage that any clubs would be treated unjustly, but it is certainly evident that some clubs are becoming more nervous as the d-day gets closer.

So as to deal with the question briefly,  the answer is yes! 

Rule 12 of the Youth Development Rules (which govern the auditing process which is underway) states that any club may appeal against a decision not to issue to it a licence to operate an Academy,  or the determination of which Category its Academy shall be.   An appeal would be addressed to the Football Association,  in accordance with its Rule K (Arbitration).

For any other basic queries about this topic, do post a comment below and we shall do our best to assist, or for more detailed advice contact Dan Chapman.




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