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EPPP: Audits for Football Academies on horizon

By Dan Chapman

As the football season tails to an end, Football Clubs throughout the country are now turning their attention to the imminent audits that will be carried out to determine what category status their Football Academy will be granted, as a result of the implementation of the new EPPP.


It would appear that almost all Premier League clubs are seeking Category One status, primarily given the perceived advantages to player recruitment that this status alone holds, and that a handful of Championship clubs are too (we think six or seven, from what we can ascertain, but not all clubs have publically confirmed their intentions). Other Championship clubs are opting for Category Two status (along with perhaps two or three Premier League clubs),  with very few (if any) League One clubs and below applying higher than Category Three.


Many clubs have completed the infrastructure works required and undertaken their own self-assessments, but over the next 12 to 18 months there are sure to be some shocks, surprises and controversy as the external auditing gets underway. It is interesting to note that (contrary to what has been reported) it is not the FA, the Premier League or the Football League that is directly carrying out the audits. A company called Foot Pass England (which is a subsidiary of a Belgian company Double Pass) that works in conjunction with the University of Brussels has been engaged to carry out this work. It is therefore no understatement to say that clubs are therefore entering unchartered waters as they open the doors to these auditors, awaiting the fate of the future of their youth development.


Prudent clubs are using the summer to undertake pre-audits, and we at Full Contact are offering – in conjunction with specialist consultants and lawyers – a variety of pre-audit services. Contact us for more details without delay.


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The spearhead and Senior Partner of Full Contact, Dan is an experienced solicitor and advocate, with a specialist background in employment law and sports.

  • concerned club

    We have been offered very little guidance surrounding the implementation of the EPPP and given the massive additional burdens it places on our academy and the necessary changes required we feel slightly as though we are up the creek without a paddle.  The EPPP has been rushed through unnecessarily and there are many elements which are still yet to be decided.  However, it is upon us whether we like it or not and the idea of a pre-audit completed by experts in the field, especially lawyers, would be a great comfort.  I shall be contacting you in the very near future. 

    • dan_fullcontact

      Thank you “concerned club”.   Not entirely surprised to hear this!  I look forward to hearing from you –  a number of clubs are taking the sensible step of engaging assistance from the likes of ourselves,  and others out there who I am sure are also well placed to assist.   

  • another concerned club

    Could you place some more information on here regarding dates, audits, consequences etc…..

    • dan_fullcontact

      I had not wanted to bore readers to death with too much detail on the site,  but given you think it would be useful I will post an article on here this evening with a bit more detail,  based purely on what we are finding the position to be

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