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UK Sports Law Update – Follow Our Progress

By Dan Chapman

When we launched the Full Contact Sports Law website just a few weeks ago we instantly jumped into the top 30 million ranked websites in the world for popularity at position number 15 million. Since then, (as at 29th March 2012) we have increased our popularity rank to overtake another 7.4 million websites, our a worldwide ranking today is 7.6 million. That’s pretty good going but we know we can achieve so much more.

Why not follow our progress?

We will update regularly in the comments section below.

Did you know that you can measure the popularity of all websites free?

We have to confess at Full Contact that we are getting a little bit nerdy.  One learns a lot when launching a new website,  and Dan has been amusing himself endlessly after he discovered that Amazon have created an algorithm which measures the popularity of the top 30 million websites in the world, it’s called Alexa. With a bit of help we have been able to create a toolbar which can be downloaded via Amazon free of charge to enable you to measure the popularity of any website at your leisure without it costing you a penny.

We have discovered that many years ago website popularity was measured by the number of “hits” but with the advancements of robotics this could easily be manipulated. Nowadays, website popularity is measured by the average amount of time spent by users on websites, the number of pages viewed for each visit and of course the numbers of visitors. If a website is hit by a user who immediately leaves this is counted as a “bounce”, effectively proving that a user has not found what they are looking for – that’s bad. If, however, the user spends time on a website and reads several pages that’s good.

Content to keep you interested – UK Sports Law

The purpose of our website is to spread the word about what we do to as many sports people and clubs as possible. We know we can offer something different, and whilst most of our clients come to us from word of mouth,  we also want our online message to be as loud as possible! To achieve this we know that we need to deliver content that you will want to read and share with others. To make it easy for you to share we have included Social Media buttons at the end of every post so that you can share via email, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We also encourage you to leave comments if you like what we are saying. Our News will obviously be sports focussed with our legal slant on what the big names are up to. We will also provide our clients with an opportunity to share some of their own stories and experiences so it’s going to make for gripping reading for anybody connected with sports at a high level.    Will Buckley, of course, makes for fabulous reading and we are going to lean on him to dust off his quill….

How popular is your website?

When the Toolbar is installed look out for the icon on the far right hand side of the toolbar which looks like this –

Alexa icon on Full Contact Law website

Whenever you are looking at a website you can analyse it simply by clicking on this icon. We use this to analyse every website we ever look at, especially our competitors and anybody who’s trying to sell us something, particularly advertising! This will produce a dropdown which looks like this-

Alexa toolbar on Leathes Prior

download toolbar

Please share this article and leave a comment to let us know what you think about the toolbar and how you will be using it.

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About Dan
The spearhead and Senior Partner of Full Contact, Dan is an experienced solicitor and advocate, with a specialist background in employment law and sports.

  • Very cool toolbar, loving this website 🙂

  • 2Patterson

    Congratulations on the launch and all the progress you have made so far as I am sure there is a lot more to come

  • Brilliant.   Oscar Wilde may have said “Popularity is the one insult I never suffered” but in business a popular website certainly helps.

  • Well done.   Oscar Wilde may have said that “Popularity is the only insult that I have not suffered” but in business a popular website must help!

  • Alexa rank today is 3.5 million, that’s very impressive! Spotted lots of Tweets yesterday, very pleased to see that Paul McVeigh, ex Norwich City footballer RT’d one of mine. Keep up the good work and keep sharing folks 🙂

  • dan_fullcontact

    Up to 3 million or so now –  moving in the right direction  – but lots of hard work and news to follow in the coming weeks.  

  • Judge Henry

    Very interesting Tool Bar, thanks.  I see you are up to 2.5 million now;  Premier League not that far away?

  • 2.2 million Alexa rank worldwide now and 39,001 in the UK. Amazing, the popularity of this website has overtaken that of the website of the mother Solicitors Partnership. At this rate you will soon be competing with Fantastic achievement in such a short space of time – well done!

  • Thanks Mark  –  actually 2,036,529,   not that I check these things!    Seriously,  hard work begins after Easter as we are launching a few new Full Contact initiatives.  And hoping to announce some exciting news;  watch this space….

  • 1,523,762 – now, post Easter,  Full Contact will really start to motor up the grid…..

  • dan_fullcontact

    1,370,446  – will it be possible to break into the top 1 million?  

  • You’re into the top million most popular websites worldwide today at 980,400 and 13,395 in GB. Congratulations, it’s good to follow a good news success story 🙂

    • dan_fullcontact

      Thank you Mark –  very early days still,  but pleasing to see we broke in to the top one million! 

  • Will Buckley, Chairman

    Quill being dusted. Onwards and upwards towards top 500,000. Will Buckley, Chairmann

  • dan_fullcontact

    785,000 now.  Come on Chairman – where is that quill?

  • 616,098 worldwide Alexa rank today and Dan’s offered to throw a party when the website reaches 500,000 so come on Will, more captivating reading please. I’m assuming I’m invited to Dan’s party of course LOL

    UK Alexa rank is now 9,068 which is astounding as it’s better than some premier league football clubs!

  • Dan, I had a meeting with your Chairman Will Buckley this morning and we got talking about how popular the Full Contact Law website is becoming. When I got back to the office I ran a few comparisons to see just how well it’s going for myself. The website is very quickly rising to the top of the charts and has overtaken many of the well known names in the legal profession and even the biggest employer in your home city – see below                                                        


    Full Contact
    Law – website: – Alexa rank in GB – 8,922 – 
    website:  – Alexa rank in GB –  12,712

    Chance – website:
     – Alexa rank in GB –  32,824

     – website:
     – Alexa rank in GB –  21,194

    Mills & Reeve
     – website: 
     – Alexa rank in GB –  124,446

     – website: 
     – Alexa rank in GB – 130,183Your website is certainly at the cutting edge in terms of design and structure too.Will was telling me about his plans for a weekly sports legal update and all the celebrity Guest Authors he is lining up. It’s all very exciting stuff.I’m sure it’s been hard graft but I’m equally sure your strategy will pay off as you are certainly getting your name out there to the very people Full Contact is able to help. Your Twitter Followers are becoming a Who’s Who in the sporting world.Congratulations and keep up the good work.RegardsMark Alexander – founder of

    • dan_fullcontact

      Thank you Mark – very kind of you to take the time to point this out.   I remain of the view, however, that it is very much early days yet!

  • Just took another look and your worldwide Alexa ranking for the site is 443,350 today and 7,764 in the UK.

  • dan_fullcontact

    Now up to 420,000 in the world –  thanks for all your support and interest.   Most importantly of all,  thanks to our clients! 

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